EXCLUSIVE PICS : After 3 Proposals, Renown NTV Presenter Says ‘I DO’ To Her Prince Charming

EXCLUSIVE PICS : After 3 Proposals, Renown NTV Presenter Says ‘I DO’ To Her Prince Charming

Renown NTV presenter on the gospel show Cross Over 101 tied the knot on the eve of 2016 to the love of her life. Cross Over Host Faith Muturi got married to her one true love George Ngugi at the wedding was at Matte Bronze Karen At KSL with the bride and groom dining and celebrating with the guests there after.

faith weds gorge uliza

In August Faith Muturi got officially engaged to George after he proposed 3 times to her at 3 different locations with each of them receiving a resounding YES from the presenter.

“Three rings, 3 proposals, 3 different places and I said yees. The amazing power of 3 stranded cords that can never be broken.”

faith12 ulizafaith9 ulizafaith7 ulizafaith6 ulizafaith ulizafaith11 ulizafaith3 ulizafaith10 uliza

The theme of the ceremony was a colourful yellow and orange blend; with the bridesmaids dressed in free flowing yellow dresses. The groomsmen wore black official trousers, white shirts, and black half-coats with touches of orange, red or yellow on the bow ties.

DJ Mo was the official DJ for the wedding.


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