11 Friends DIE Side By Side At Paris Cafe While Celebrating Friends Birthday

11 Friends DIE Side By Side At Paris Cafe While Celebrating Friends Birthday
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A group of 11 companions were killed amid a 35th birthday festivity when two shooters opened flame at La Belle Equipe bistro , it was accounted for.

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11 Friends Die In Paris Attack

They were celebrating the birthday of Houda Saadi, a waitress who worked at the close-by Café des Anges.

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Houda had been joined by her 36-year-old sister and mum-of-two Halima and her two siblings Khaled and Bashir.

Houda and Halima were killed and Khaled and Abdallah, who miraculously survived unharmed, fought to save their sisters’ lives.

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Khaled, who also worked at the Café des Anges, began giving CPR but his attempts were in vain .

One of the sisters passed away on the blood-soaked cafe floor while the other, who had been shot in the head, died later in hospital.

One member of the party, hero Ludovic Boumbas sacrificed his life for another woman in the restaurant, Chloe Clement , when he threw himself in front of a bullet.

Chloe, who is recovering in hospital, is said to be so traumatised she keeps repeating her saviour’s name.

The manager of Café des Anges, 27-year-old Virgile Grunberg, went to visit Chloe in hospital and said: “She was on morphine and was in shock. She would barely speak.

“She felt guilty because Ludovic died for her. She just kept repeating his name again and again.”

Most of the 19 tragic victims at La Belle Equipe were from the birthday celebrations, including five members of staff from the Café des Anges and six of their friends.

Among them was Michelli Gil Jaimez, a 27-year-old Mexican who had lived in Paris for three years and worked at La Belle Equipe. She had become engagned just days before the massacre.

Others who spent their final moments celebrating with Houda Romanian Lacrimioava Pop, known as Lacri, and her partner Ciprian Calciu; Hyacinthe Koma; Djamila Houd, 41; Guillaume Le Dramp, 33; Romain Feuillade, 31; and René Bichon.

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