Top 5 Gospel Celebs With The Most Instagram Post Likes

Top 5 Gospel Celebs With The Most Instagram Post Likes

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They are the set of 5 that have one of the largest Instagram following and as a result they are the celebs that accumulate the most likes with each post they upload. 

The celebs are as follows; The Mapenzi Hitmaker Bahati, the Fanya musical sensation Willy Paul/Poze, the Ni Yesu Songbird Size 8, Crossover101 Host DJ Mo and the Tukuzu Host DJ Sadic. Each of the listed names has a total of more than 200000 followers.


Below are some posts that these big-time celebs uploaded that generated likes in the thousands.

Out of the 5 it was Size 8 that tops with a post that generated 8286 likes.

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Bahati recent update as a result of his new jam did garner him 5109

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and a post that involves both Willy and Bahati generates some thousands likes.

Screenshot_2016-08-31-16-42-08 uliza

Case In point the recent one that they did garnered  3732 likes.

On average with each post DJ Mo and DJ Sadic upload they get more than 1000 likes.

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