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What Should I Do? My Parents Say No To My Husband To Be

 Have you ever been in a situation where you have been dating with someone for a long period and finally when you take him or her to your parents a cold reception is given?


There is a lady who is undergoing this situation and she is confused on what to do. See below:

My boyfriend and I have been with each other for 5 years. We know each other well and we love each other a lot. I can’t even imagine my life without him.

I recently told my parents about my boyfriend and how I want to marry him. My mom and dad both didn’t approve and they were begging me not to contact him ever again. My dad was saying how he doesn’t feel like getting out of the house ever again because other people know about mine and my boyfriends relationship and he was saying stuff like he rather kill himself.

My mom and dad kept telling me how I am ruining my family’s reputation. My boyfriend went to college but he never finished it or got his degree but he owns a business and makes decent money.

I feel horrible because my parents kept saying things like “We are so ashamed right now” “Not in a million years did we think out daughter was going to do something like this.” “I can’t even show my face to other people now” and etc.  I can’t stop crying because I’m scared of losing my boyfriend but I’m also scared about disappointing my parents.

His parents approve of me completely and his parents were 100% cool and ok with our relationship. It’s only my parents making the drama and this situation hard.

What should I do? I know this is true love but I also love my parents. How do I convince my parent?

What do you think?

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